Local Content - Global Reach

In a Global world you have to speak the local language to increase content reach

We help OTTs & Media houses with our Subtitling, Compliance editing & Closed  Captioning service to reach larger audience

Our services

Compliance Editing

Titles & graphics Localization, Content restriction, Scripting & screening – We know what will and will not be accepted in a local market


Reach a large number of people around the globe with subtitles which are meant for viewers who speak a different language than the one spoken in your video

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning (CC) is matching transcribed text to the moving visual images on a screen – CC is perfect for Movies, TV programs, Video games or YouTube videos.

Quality First

The future is global and we’re already there. With more scale, experience and expertise than any other company, the world’s leading content creators, broadcasters, OTTs and distributors rely on PlayWmedia

Why Choose PlayWmedia

We are the trusted partners of leading platforms in India

About Us

PlayWmedia is an agency offering linguistic services for a wide range of industry requirements.
PlayWmedia provides Localization services with the help of a Country-wide network of professional translators and linguists.
Our services include Content Localization, Access services, Translations, Audio descriptions & translations, Subtitling, Closed captions and Spotting among others.
Projects are executed with efficiency, accuracy and in a secured environment protecting your data.

Our Promises

Quality Assurance

Our process and project management are simplified, well organized, error-free & high quality!

Process Led

We devise workflows complementing client's needs and to make every project seamless with clarity in process, communication and coordination


We hire only qualified and experienced linguists & select our teams carefully, paying attention to the required area of specialization

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